Welcome to the House of Jah!

We invite you to join us on your journey of discovering your divine definite purpose. In you is planted the seeds of something special unique to you. You are here for a reason!

Mission Statement:

To provide or be the vehicle through which the spirit, hearts, & minds of people we encounter are moved into a space of divine & definite purpose. To be the architect of the divine in assisting you in designing, drafting, & building your life of purpose.


  1. Knowledge of self (Understanding & Living Your Purpose)
  2. Freedom & Independence ( Define and live life on your terms based on that purpose)
  3. Love (Share a message that is the key to freedom & peace)
  4. Teach (Through Learning)
  5. Enlighten (Provide & create an environment where the best inner you shines through)
  6. Provide you with quality products, services, & information that empower you to live on purpose


The ABC’s of Empowerment is a compilation of empowerment quotes written by Mr. Ferguson. With over 365 quotes there are enough quotes for each day of the year with a motivating message! The quotes gathered from Mr. Fergusons travels, personal journals, and personal life experiences. The quotes will expand business and positively affect the lives of anyone that reads them daily. The ABC’s of Empowerment is a must for every library!

Topics include:
1. Goals
2. Success
3. Desire
4 Business
5. Purpose
6. Communication
7. Wealth

8. Health
9. Discipline
10. Time management
11. Personal Development
12. Philosophy
And much more!


Motivational Speaking & Training

The motivational branch of House of Jah is based on the Architectural concept of its founder & CEO Mr. Trevon Sundiata Ferguson. Mr. Ferguson as a young boy wanted to be an architect, a dream which he now says he lives…

Health & Wellness Division

Universal Wellness

Universal Wellness is a one stop shop for all your wellness needs.Providing products and services that help you achieve balance in your life while empowering you to live your purpose. Through Wellness coaching…


Branding you for Your Purpose

HOJ Creations is a family owned and operated Print Marketing Consulting & Graphic design Company. Providing competitive affordable print marketing services as well as graphic designs for various print marketing…

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Thank you for being here and remember “THERE IS POWER IN YOUR PURPOSE!”

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